Draftkings Review

1. Initial Impression: A very clear and cohesive layout.

Similar to DraftKings, it’s really easy to sign up and make a deposit to get started.

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2. Entering a Contest.

At the bottom of the homepage, you can easily browse by sport, contest type and enter immediately. For big payouts, you may want to join a league or guaranteed contest. For the best chance of winning, however, it would be wise to select a 50:50 contest, where half of the contestants will win.

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3. Live Tracking

This feature of DraftKings will allow you to view every contest that is currently live and the amount of money that you’re winning. Although this is a cool feature, it can be quite frustrating to watch, as you can go from winning $500 to $0 in a matter of seconds!

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4. Promo Codes


5. Final Notes